Inmark Argentina

Inmark Argentina is the Group’s pioneer territorial unit.  Created in 1989 with the objective of providing services to Spanish companies operating in the Latin American region and that were satisfied with the consulting services that, with the methodology developed in-house, they obtained from the Group with regards to Market Research, Marketing Programs and Business Management.

The unit’s development allowed for the gradual expansion of services offered to a broader range of clients.  In 2006, Inmark Argentina integrated the Marketing and Direction DLV Study.   

Taskphone Argentina offers the services of Contact Center, and Consulting and Services for the Management of Telephone Relations.  Their objective consists on responding to the needs of companies and institutions with regards to personalized, interactive and massive relations with their target publics: clients, suppliers, employees or stockholders.

Taskphone Argentina has a platform of 200 workstations, equipped with the most adequate technology to perform massive Inbound and Outbound telemarketing campaigns, in addition to a team of more than 300 teleoperators, specialized in telemarketing techniques, client services, bill collection and telephone surveys. Taskphone Argentina manages a client portfolio of clients belonging, mainly, to the Banking, Insurance and Automotive sectors.

Inmark Argentina is led by Javier Mozuc Slesaransky.

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